"I have hired MG Consulting & Audit AB during the construction phase of my company and I am very pleased, without this help, I had never had time to put the necessary time and effort to develop my business."
Sverker Fryklund, Owner

"I have hired MG Consulting & Audit AB since 2009. My opinion is that the company stands for competence, service and responsiveness."
Piotr Koppe, Photographer as well as Owner

"Good communication and service are the characteristics of MG Consulting & Audit AB."
Lars Röstin, Owner

"I hire MG Consulting & Audit AB with everything from bookkeeping, financial statements to tax returns. If necessary, MG Consulting & Audit AB provides the time to pedagogically explain how my business is doing. It feels good and I feel therefore that I can fully concentrate on my clients."
Richard Persson, CEO

"Trust and accuracy in combination. I've had great help from MG Consulting & Audit AB skills and efforts therefore I have been able to concentrate on my clients."
Magnus Wikforss, Management Consultant